I am excited about our new three-part team building program where teams taste some scrumptious cheese, compete in an outrageous “Cheese Olympics” and invent their very own Artisan Micro-Dairy!
Artisan cheese is one of the hottest food trends and our Cheese It Team Building activity is deliciously fun!

It’s much more than a gourmet cheese tasting. Teams mix and mingle, as they taste the seven different cheese-styles, matching them to written descriptions. Then teams compete for prizes in a gourmet “Cheese Olympics.” These challenges include the Cheesiest Cliché Contest, Blow Torch Pizza-Art Competition, Olympic Cheese Stacking Contest, and Cheese Cube and Toothpick Art Challenge. Our most delicious Culinary Team Building exercise so far!

Teams must then design and brand their own Artisan Micro Dairy. This fun and funny exercise simulates a complete business process from initial concept through design, production, marketing and promotion. Teams collaborate to create the most outstanding (and outlandish) business concept ever! This a great business simulation event!

It’s a day of cheese!