Warm weather means great team building activities in the great outdoors as Treasure Hunt season officially begins! Yes, we run many indoor treasure hunts and other scavenger hunts throughout the year, but Spring often means an upswing as teams explore, learn and develop team skills with our exciting programs.

Our Amazing Adventure Treasure Hunt is perfect for the outdoor explorers among us, and combines out-of-the-box thinking with storytelling skills, visualization and a sense of discovery. This team building game is truly a unique twist of the classic treasure hunt.

Our high-tech Spy Chase Treasure Hunt mixes gadgetry, intriguing and teams of agents, ready to save the world. This results-oriented team building activity is a great in-depth problem-solving escapade that is 100% engaging.

Speaking of high-tech, the innovative Space-Time Treasure Hunt cleverly combines time travel fun with brainstorming and team strategy and planning skills. A real forward-thinking team building exercise.

Taking transportation back to earth….our popular Limousine Treasure Hunts are a fabulous way for teams to discover a fun area and work on serious problem-solving skills. The limousines do the driving, but the teams’ excitement for this program really drive its success.

Perfect for ANY city, town or rural area, our Anything Goes Treasure Hunt is designed with flexibility and customization in mind. The emphasis is on humor and quick-thinking, as teams race to capture images of very surprising subjects!

Finally, we also provide some very exciting team building treasure hunts for specific cities. Check out some sample of our unique custom-designed scavenger hunts in Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, New Hope and San Francisco.