Culinary Challenges


A study in collaboration, your team won’t believe the delicious, gourmet food they create when they practice team building chef-style. Unlike many other cooking team building programs our programs are designed and lead by an impressive group of credentialed, professional chefs. Some Programs are based on kitchen availability in your location.

Iron Chef Tapas

Our most creative culinary team building program ever! What can your team do with a box full of secret ingredients and a short amount of time? Find out as teams create original hors d'oeuvres in this fast-paced game of delicious daring! Team members must collaborate to create recipes and then display them with style. The [...]

Team Iron Chef

Team Benefits Building team spirit Problem Solving Communication Skills Maintain a can-do approach Time Management Teamwork is on the Menu Team Iron Chef is one of our very popular Team Cooking Programs Teams get creative in this exciting surprise-filled twist on the TV classic! A high-energy collaborative event where the ingredients combine [...]

How To Add A Team That Delivers Success

As a child, you may have read in books about “Ants “and how they survive by forming a team that works on a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude. These tiny creatures often go looking for food in a line, share everything they find. They are highly disciplined about the way they work. Imagine, If we humans [...]

Chocolate Team Building

Time to get that sweet tooth into action! Discover a delicious way of doing corporate team building through a fun yet loaded business challenge that’s sure to get those marketing strategies, creative juices, and well, taste buds going into overtime. Like all other team building activities, this program is not an all-fun (or eat for [...]

Working Together Through Food

Philadelphia-based Team-Building Company Philly Hops is unveiling a history-packed food-themed team bonding program that features exciting and intriguing culinary trivia blended with a fast-paced historical Philadelphia walking tour. Crafted to satisfy event planners and company managers’ appetites for meaningful employee bonding activities, the ‘Food For Thought’ program combines the excitement of a treasure hunt, the [...]

Washington Team Building Adventures

Washington team building adventures are a great idea to encourage and compliment teamwork in a city rich in diversity and culture. Being the seat of the federal government does not mean that all you will find in Washington DC are stiff and formal ladies and gentlemen. On the contrary, a lot of fun and excitement [...]