Games and Challenges

Competition meets Collaboration in specially-designed programs that promote healthy Team-Building skills and values with fun and impactful play experiences.

Classic Team Building Games and Challenges

Team Benefits Collaboration Consensus Problem Solving Communication Continuous Improvement   Classic Team Building Challenges is one of our very popular Games and Challenges. For more Games and Challenges, click here. Participants are lead through a series of team building initiatives and then challenged to think, plan, decide and cooperate through the use of these exercises. It is [...]

Grand Prix Team Racing

High-speed, results-oriented skillbuilding event where teams build custom slot car racetracks and then race on ach others’ tracks, for a great combination of collaboration and competition! Fast and fun! Team Benefits Team Spirit Problem Solving Communication Group Planning Time Management   TEAM BUILDING GETS INTO HIGH GEAR Team collaboration meets healthy competition in a fast-paced, [...]

Create A Carnival

Teams create their own hilarious carnival games in this action-packed cooperative exercise that combines fun-filled creativity with engaging design challenges. Detail: Teams plan and design, then build and test, their own carnival games. With an assortment of diverse and amusing materials, simple guidelines and suggestions, teams can invent humorous games of skill, luck and strategy. [...]

DIY Mini Golf

Teams build and play on their own custom miniature golf course! Unforgettable fun, laugh-out-loud challenges and room for every personality type!

Raising The Chocolate Bar

Team building game and business simulation exercise that encourages collaborative play and decision-making, leadership skills and change management techniques. RAISING THE CHOCOLATE BAR: MOVIE MAKING AND THE MUNCHIES Teams work together to create the ultimate chocolate bar, developing a hilarious marketing campaign that climaxes in a cooperative video commercial. It’s about sweet success as teams [...]

Make Your Own Roller Coaster

Team's design and build their own marble roller coasters in this fun exercise that combines engineering challenges, out-of-box-thinking and cooperative problem solving