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Collaboration and Cooperation: Working Effectively in Teams

“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” Indira Gandhi INTRODUCTION: Team Building In Relationship To This Article What does Cooperation and Collaboration signify when talking about Team Building? How can these two help a team successfully achieve their goals? If we dig deeper into it, cooperation is the development of the individual, not against…
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Play at Work

We all see corporate careers as serious, time consuming, stressful and even boring. Yes, it does give you a good pay check but what about life? Does it also give you joy along with all the stress? Of course, not! But think again.. how about viewing it positively? What about rewards? Or is it just…
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Team Building Boosts Office Morale

Here is a new press release we are going to be sending out soon. It is very basic but I thought you may want to take a look at it. Thanks, Betty FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Team Building Boosts Office Morale A quick tool to restore camaraderie PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 17, 2013: Corporations worldwide are relying on…
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Hollywood-Style Team Building in New York

Here is an article we wrote a while back about our Fast Video program done in New York. New York is a 24-hour city full of things to see and do. With this in mind- the Fast Video Program is the perfect activity for team building in New York. If you close your eyes and…
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Philly Hops Provides Training Programs in Philadelphia

Here is a press release we posted today. It is pretty general but we have more coming out soon that will be more interesting. Philly Hops is proud to announce they are continuing to offer an ever-growing team building catalogue to clients located in their hometown, Philadelphia, Pa. and beyond. Philly Hops has been in…
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Unique Program Uses Chocolate For Team Building Team Building Company Philly Hops has blended popular interest in fine chocolate with experiential team building activities (to craft an unusual but effective series of “foodie” team development programs. These programs are not only engaging and stimulating but promote team skills such as communication, creative problem solving and…
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Why Googleplex Has a Swimming Pool

As time has changed, so have the concepts of team building, productivity, and workforce management. What are the lessons we can learn from a pioneering company like Google? Actually, it has many; and no, Google does not just use it for team building activities. It allows its employees to use it any time of the…
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The Value of Team Building Activities in a Corporate Setting

Team building activities can greatly enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Business executives and managers can use team building activities to turn the individual strengths and abilities of employees into a cohesive team. They can also be used to celebrate achievements and successes. There are several benefits your company can gain from team building…
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Philadelphia Team Building Treasure Hunt: A Space Time Merger

Philadelphia based companies can take full advantage of corporate team building. Any Philadelphia company, whether newly opened or established a long time ago, will benefit from partaking in team building activities. Everyone from the top executives, to the middle managers, to the company staff should join in and be involved in the corporate team building…
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