Philly Hops Announces Lineup of Food-Focused Team Building Programs for Spring 2013 that Incorporates Business Skills with Fun

Philadelphia, PA – March 12, 2013 – Culinary team building is in high demand and Betty Robinson, owner of Philly Hops, was an innovator in the art. One of the first to offer the unique service, she has announced the firm’s lineup of food-focused team building programs for Spring, 2013. “Our programs are designed and [...]

Why Googleplex Has a Swimming Pool

Introduction: As time have changed, so has the concepts of team building, productivity, and workforce management. What are the lessons we can learn from a pioneering company like Google? Actually, it has many; and no, Google does not just use it for team building activities. It allows its employees to use it any time of [...]

Team Building Activities Employees Will Look Forward To

Team building is about boosting morale. But for a lot of employees, team building is an annoying task that they actually want to avoid because it doesn’t work and distracts them from what they should actually be doing: their jobs. Here we have two ideas that people will actually look forward to. We have got [...]

How to Motivate a Team with Low Morale

Because team building is about bringing out the best in people, team leaders must be familiar with the most common and the most obvious sign of the health of the team – the mood. Team building is never stagnant.The team grows and moves to a different level of personal and working relationships. The mood, the [...]

Humor in the Workplace

Seven Great Reasons To Include Fun As A Serious Part Of Office Life Fun is Productive! Fun defeats boredom and fatigue (enemies of productivity). Fun Strengthens Communication! Fun breaks through social barriers. When a group experiences fun communication becomes more natural. Fun helps Social Skills! Make it through difficult times when social needs increase with [...]

3 Tips for Successful Teambuilding

The success of a business lies not just in effective management but also in how each and every member of a team functions according to their duties. A positive and supportive teamwork is an important building block for all businesses to achieve its goals. Before you can set your eyes on higher purpose, you have [...]