Red Carpet Results: Making Awards

Some groups really get into our Fast Video Challenge team building program and roll out the red carpet with an Awards Show at the end, to provide recognition for the teams’ video projects and a little Hollywood-style pomp and circumstance. Check out a slideshow for a recent Lightning Fast Video Challenge Awards Show here We offer this option to groups [...]


Most people are very familiar with games that promote competition, the majority of games do. Whether they are sporting events, tabletop games or card games: cooperative games are more elusive. While some games have a cooperative element mixed in (games with teams, for example), they are often still competitive. In team games, the team members [...]


Things have been going very well with our new Tapas Mixer Team Building Program, where teams work together to create irresistible snacks with an international flair. See a fun slide show of Tapas Mixer here Delicacies include Andalusian Gazpacho, Prosciutto, Fig & Goat Cheese Quesadillas, Spanish Omelets, Blueberry Sangria Lemonade and much much more. We love [...]

Teams Hit The Streets OgOf Philadelphia

Temple University had a fabulous event this week that combined indoor Olympics team building games with a fast-paced outdoor Scavenger Hunt in the downtown Philadelphia area. The game blended healthy competition with cooperation in a high-energy team building activity that was both challenging and rewarding.

Caught on Video: Cooking Team Building is Healthy Fun!

Posted a new video that shows highlights from the popular Healthy Teams Professional Cook-Off, a high-energy, high-impact cooking team building program. Too may chefs in the kitchen? Not possible with great teamwork, and that's what this program teaches! Teams work together to create incredible dishes for an amazing gourmet feast. The results are delicious (the [...]

Cake Wars Team Building Gets New Layer of Excitement

Here is the new description of the recently expanded and enhanced Cake Wars Team Building Program.... IT'S FLOUR POWER! A group of world-famous dessert chefs fly to a remote desert island to take part in a new reality TV show, but the show's funding never gets approved and the camera crew never arrives. Now the [...]