Corporate Team Games in Philadelphia: Leadership and Organizational Development

The City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) love is the natural site for developing healthy team practices where everyone bonds through fun and meaningful experiences. Looking back, it seems to make total sense that the team building programs we produce fit well with the Philadelphia scene. Sure, the city's history is deep and importance profound. You [...]

Give the Gift of Teamwork! Holiday Team Building Programs For Your Corporate Group

This holiday season, we have even more festive team building and leadership programs than ever before. Why not gift your group with a fun and valuable experience that will leave lasting memories and provide great ROI for your company? Whether it's an action-packed Holiday MovieMaking Program, a meaningful Philanthropic exercise or delicious Culinary team activity, [...]

What Is Trust Building?

Team Building & Trust Everyone calls it Team Building, yet so much of what we do and aim to do, is based on ‘Trust Building.’ Groups that develop trust make an effort to cultivate “willingness” – the willingness to participate, experience and grow together. They also incorporate individual team member roles when they tackle missions. [...]

Stand By For Action! Getting Everyone to Particpate in Team Building Events

If you think about it, a team is comprised of active-only members. After all, if someone isn't active, they aren't actually on the team, are they? Defining a team as a group where each member is a contributing element, we know we can strive for better and more efefctive full participation activities. There are many [...]

Good Articles About Leadership And Team Building

A useful place to read tips and tricks from team building experts, innovative thoughts on leadership and communication, and meditations on improved group dynamics. Philly Hops maintains an archive of team building articles that covers a wide range of insightful topics. From 'Understanding the World Of Leadership' to 'Leading Your Business To New Heights', the [...]

Make Your Own Holiday Video Cards: Merry Moviemaking Team Building Exercise

This hilarious holiday twist on our popular video making program has teams creating short films, designed as greeting cards for the rest of the group. After a fast 'crash course' in filmmaking, teams are off to plan and produce a 2-minute greeting card video. Everyone is 100% engaged in this fun event, and all videos [...]