Let the Team Spirit Move You: Team Building Meme

Let the Team Spirit Move You! There's nothing mysterious about it. The energy of a positively motivated and creative group can lead to superhuman results. With team members' each affecting each other in an inspiring way, the 'happiness loop' can go on forever. When people are happy and relaxed, they can think best and be [...]

Philanthropic Guacamole and Sangria Making Team Building Fiesta

We've had a successful run with one of our philanthropic teams building events simply called 'Fiesta Challenge'. The combination of guacamole, sangria (and salsa!) creation with team games and a charity twist, has made for a crazy, fun adventure for the groups we've produced this for. All of these exercises fuse into a party-like experience, [...]

Six Styles Of Team Building Activity and How To Choose

Join together and make a great team event! That's the point of our new team building infographic. With six very popular and effective team building game styles and experiences, you can customize the perfect combination for your group's needs. In our team building circle we have: TASTE! (team games that involve culinary exploration.....everyone bonds over [...]

Cooperative Games: Team Building Is Not About Winning

There has been a strong trend in the world of game design over the recent years towards cooperative gaming. Although a broad term, the basic concept covers any interactive game experience where participants use some form of cooperation, collaboration or teamwork to accomplish goals. While the level and nature of 'co-op' in  games can vary [...]

Secrets To Positive Team Leadership Skills From Philly Hops

Yes, we produce team building workshops and games that (among other things) instill awesome leadership techniques. Yes, we see great results each and every time. A handy tip guide can't hurt, though! Here we have compiled a quick list of six simple tenants that you (and anyone you know) can strive to uphold, while on [...]

Team Building On The Go: Making iPhone Movies

We just started running a videomaking team exercise that's fast and convenient, inspires great collaboration skills, and is led by a real film industry pro! Led by an award-winning movie professional (Director of Superbowl / Got Milk? Campaigns and much more), this team activity allows teams to create their own videos using insider tips and [...]