The Programs


A study in collaboration, your team won’t believe the delicious, gourmet food they create when they practice team building chef-style. Unlike many other cooking team building programs our programs are designed and lead by an impressive group of credentialed, professional chefs.
All Programs are based on kitchen availability in your location.

Tapas Mixer

Fast fun and flavorful team building with an international flair! Simple, ‘no fuss’ cooking with great crowd-pleasing appetizers that make excellent team building activities.
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A Dinner With History

Teams create an amazing banquet for some of history’s most memorable characters in this innovative event. A team cooking program that combines cross-sharing and storytelling skills with delicious results!


In this one-of-a-kind culinary team building challenge, teams play exciting South Of The Border-inspired games to earn points to buy ingredients and create the guacamole masterpiece of their dreams in a mouth-watering competition!

Team Iron Chef

Teams get creative in this exciting surprise-filled twist on the TV classic! A high-energy collaborative event where the ingredients combine for unpredictable yet satisfying results!

Iron Chef Tapas

An exciting gourmet competition where teams work to create amazing appetizer-style tapas dishes in the ‘kitchen stadium’ under the watchful eye of the Chairman and Iron Chef. A delicious exercise that really promotes intensely rewarding teamwork.

Top Dessert Chef

Turn your team building event into a professional kitchen and let the baking begin! The end product? A spectacular grand dessert buffet created by your team to be enjoyed by all!
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Healthy Teams Cook-off

Armed with their natural talents teams are transformed into “Iron Chefs” – everyone pitches in bringing the team to culinary victory.
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Chili Cook-Off

Stir Up Some Fun! This heated competition will get your team energized and unified as they all work in harmony toward one goal –– creation of a brand new gourmet food company and its banner product “Chili”!
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Camp Wagon BBQ Competition

This Cooking Team Building BBQ is a feast of fun and flavors as teams eat and compete for who makes the best BBQ in town – or at least in the company!

Treasure hunt


You know what you’re looking for! (or do you?) Philly Hops has the best selection of unique Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Programs anywhere. These one-of-a-kind programs emphasize great team building principles and work well with any of our professional Debriefing options..

Anything Goes! Treasure Hunt

Bring your sense of humor for outrageous team building fun! A wild photo-snapping free-for-all with the craziest, silliest treasure hunt clues ever assembled!
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Video Treasure Hunt

Cameras and street smarts combine as teams solve hilarious clues with cinematic style! An all new twist on the classic treasure hunt where the stars are your teams!

Shooting Stars On-Demand Treasure Hunt

Shooting Stars is a totally customizable exercise perfect for your group’s needs and sensibilities. Adjustable to any time, place and theme, this high-energy indoor or outdoor game combines the best of innovative challenge with professionally-led experiential team building.

Limousine Treasure Hunt

Get your team’s wheels turning as they ride in luxury…with strategy and teamwork taking the driver’s seat! An exciting quest to solve puzzles and capture photographs, this high-profile program gets teams driven….literally!
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Amazing Adventure Treasure Hunt

Take your team on an expedition to discover that rarest of rare Creatures! A beast, so mysterious, it has yet to be captured or even photographed. It exists only in whispers, rumors, and unofficial reports.

Innovation Treasure Hunt

The year is 2011. Your company has embarked on a bold new initiative known as a Space Time Merger. Top executives from your company have just been contacted by another group of executives from your company…. but from the year 2061! (we call it a Time Fax!) Your mission? To learn how to use Innovation skills to develop new ideas, using the inventions of the past and present to create the solutions for the future!
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Spy Chase Treasure Hunt

Your team of premier secret agents has been chosen to participate in the covert mission, “Operation Shadow Warriors.” Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will include reaching specific checkpoints, rendezvousing with other operatives who hold vital information, and completing retrieval and photographic assignments.

The Programs


Creating a movie is a famous example of team effort, and we have some amazing, innovative team building exercises that combine movie making skills and experience with great team skill building results.

Fast Video Challenge

Why watch movies when you can make one? Armed with quick-start filmaking tips, a digital movie camera and some brainstorming practice, teams set out to make an award-winning 3-minute blockbuster.

Video Treasure Hunt

Cameras and street smarts combine as teams solve hilarious clues with cinematic style! An all new twist on the classic treasure hunt where the stars are your teams!

Videos That Change Lives

Teams create short video ‘pitches’ that demonstrate their own out-of-the-box business concepts and the results are used to help a real life entrepreneurs through an incredible micro loan program!

Shooting Stars On-Demand Treasure Hunt

Shooting Stars is a totally customizable exercise perfect for your group’s needs and sensibilities. Adjustable to any time, place and theme, this high-energy indoor or outdoor game combines the best of innovative challenge with professionally-led experiential team building.

Viral Videomakers Movie Making Program

Ready for the next big thing? Teams plan and produce a series of trendsetting Viral Videos, designed to take the world (or at least the internet) by storm. A crash course in videomaking techniques, brainstorming games and high energy humor combine to create a fun-filled team bonding experience.

League Of Superspies Movie Making Program

We need to assemble a team of the world’s greatest superspies to take on top secret missions. This game allows your group to create their own spy characters and shoot hilarious videos to save the world.

News Hunt Movie Making Program

Grab your camera and press pass! This is the hottest team building story and your group can make real headlines. Plan and produce your own �network news� video show, with sports segments, traffic reports, weather updates and breaking news as you find it! Interview witnesses, probe a scandal or be on the scene for news as it happens.

Murder By Video

Team members take on various roles in a hilarious whodunit, making a short video about a caper gone wrong with their own clever clues thrown into the script! Moviemaking team building meets murder mystery mayhem! Everyone has a part to play as each team plans and directs their own mini-mystery movie.

Death By Chocolate

The owner of the world’s greatest chocolate empire is going to pass away and is offering control of the company to the team that invents the greatest chocolate recipe of all time! Movie Making meets Mystery meets Mouthwatering Chocolate!
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Competition meets Collaboration in specially designed programs that promote healthy Team-Building skills and values with fun and impactful play experiences

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The Programs


Everyone loves a good mystery. How about becoming part of one? We have a great selection of crowd-pleasing and team bonding Murder Mystery events that deliver professional results and feature complete customization.

Classic Murder Mysteries

Unique scripts customized to each organization and filled with inside jokes unraveled by actors who ad-lib as they go, bringing the team into the act. Teams enjoy matching wits with our detectives; it’s a dinner to die for!
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Improv Murder Mysteries

Created and performed by a professional improv comedy troupe specializing in high-energy, interactive, comedy… Improv comedy as you have seen on TV’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” but -We customize the show to your company’s theme or personality…


Fun team building activities that are perfect companions to banquet functions, either as preliminary warm-up events, after-dinner exercises or games to play during the meal itself

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all new team building exercises that are perfect for qualifying groups. To be eligible for any of these hot new team programs, your group must be within the Philadelphia area and meet maximum group size requirements

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The Programs


Although most Philly Hops programs are totally portable these programs have been customized for specific locations. (At your request we can gladly create a program for your specific area.


Whisk your team away in their own stretch limousines as they enjoy this classic Limo Hunt with a fun, Philly twist. Cruise the City Of Brotherly Love in Leisure Style armed with clever clues and a lot of teamwork. Your group will be on the cobblestone road to collaboration!


The Philadelphia Art Museum isn’t just about painting! Travel to faraway lands and times– visit a Hindu Temple, Japanese Tea Garden, Medieval Cloister, and a world of Knightly Armor! Art History was never this much fun!


Teams ascertain what gave Ben Franklin his sparks as they search through the museum’s treasure to discover electricity, walk through the heart, or ride a “Sky Bike” suspended in air.


Explore history, pop culture and food culture in Old City Philadelphia or the Reading Terminal/Chinatown areas of Philadelphia. Treasure awaits teams with a hunger for fun!


An engaging romp through the historic and beautiful New Hope and Lambertville area, packed with intriguing clues and mysteries to solve! Teams explore and investigate in a unique and picturesque environment.


Bring your sense of humor for this outrageous team building fun! This NYC photo-snapping free-for-all has teams doing Audrey at Tiffany’s, Marilyn over the subway grate, and King Kong climbing the Empire State… just to name a few!


Dance like Conan O’Brien, visit Hell’s Kitchen, discover your ‘Fame’ at Times Square…it all can happen here in new York City! This star-studded crosstown team building challenge takes your team deep into the heart of the Big Apple!


Explore breathtaking and intriguing San Francisco in our one-of-a-kind custom-made Treasure Hunt Adventure, sure to bring your teams together for dynamic team building fun!


What could be more exciting than an action-packed treasure hunt adventure in our nation’s capitol? Throughout Washington D.C, real treasures await!

Treasure Hunts in Philadelphia: Top Three Choices

Everyone loves a great Treasure Hunt! It's a time-honored favorite in corporate team building events. Whether you call them team Scavenger Hunts or Treasure Hunts, Philly Hops has produced some very interesting and effective alternatives to the typical hunt. Even if your group has participated in a hunt-style activity before and maybe tired of the…
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