Hollywood-Style Team Building in New York

In the city that never sleeps there are so many things to see and do. That is why the Fast Video Program seems to be tailor-made for team building in New York. Think James Cameron, Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg… this team building activity will either reveal to the world (or at least to the [...]

Team Building and Washington National Treasures

Hi! We wrote a bunch of articles about team building in the east coast concentrating on three popular areas ... New York, Washington and Philadelphia. I'd like to post some of them here to give you a chance to see them. Please enjoy! __________________________________________________________ Companies are realizing that in order to be at the top [...]

Team Building: The Importance of Sharing Knowledge

When you are a part of the management team at your place of employment it is vital to make sure that you are making use of all of the team building skills that you have learned. Whether this means working as a team with your fellow managers or getting your staff to work together, there [...]

Are You a Leader or Are You a Manager?

Or are you both? Let’s start to take a look at these two concepts which are very different. But, they may both be within the role description or the heart and soul of the same person at the same time. Sound confusing? Well, let me put it another way. All managers could be leaders and all leaders could be managers…to some extent. [...]

Creating a Culture of Fun at Work

At its core, team building is about harnessing people’s potentials so that they can contribute to the goals of the organizations. In years gone by people use to believe that fun is something that you do on a Friday afternoon or on a conference. Today people want and need to have fun WHILE they are [...]

Two Activities That Help Build A Team

Team building seminars take a lot of time and effort. Some companies even host weekend parties just to make close-knit teams that are more efficient in the long run. Those are great and all but there are other activities that take less time and take out the stiffness right before an important meeting. Bingo Playing [...]