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Problem-Solving Through Play: Team Building Pokes Fun At Stress

Problem-Solving Through Play: Team Building Pokes Fun At StressTeam building and stress?  Working in a team environment provides an excellent opportunity to develop invaluable skills, positive energy and innovative approaches to problem-solving. The best of these activities uses the dynamics of play and the right amount of humor to encourage brainstorming abilities. In short, an…
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Team Building Games: The Importance Of Testing

Team Building Games: The Importance Of TestingAs a game designer who has worked on everything from card games and RPGs to online games and interactive comic books, I am very familiar with the concept and practice of testing. Any game designer knows that testing never ends, as unseen issues and “opportunities for improvement” present themselves…
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Keys To Better Brainstorming

Keys To Better BrainstormingThe most informal and casual form of idea generation can be known as brainstorming, that time-honored process of tossing out concepts, notions, and hastily-conceived plans with a hopefully open-minded group. The goal may be to problem-solve, to concoct new ideas for a venture, or to theorize about a topic that has kept…
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Team Building and Communication Skills

Communication is a critical factor in team building. Proper communication binds your team together and is the most important thing that you must establish before doing anything else.  Continuous Improvement and productivity are also related directly to communication. Sharing great ideas and building relationships can only be done if there is a foundation of communication…
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