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How To Build A Team That Delivers Success!

As a child, you may have read in books about “Ants “and how they survive by forming a team that works on a ‘Never Say Die’ attitude. These tiny creatures often go looking for food in a line, share everything they find. They are highly disciplined about the way they work. Imagine, If we humans also had a similar method of working, wouldn’t we be able to produce more than 100% results? Of course yes, but we also must accept that the work which we humans do in real life are not as simple as finding food and bringing it home. For team building to take place a team must think and act in a similar way, but considering the complexity of the tasks we humans handle, we may have to form multiple teams to finish a single activity with several tasks involved.

Now the question is, how does a leader form a team? From where does he or she find the team members and how do they delegate jobs to them so that success is assured? Here are some simple and easy tips:

1. Divide the jobs and tasks at hand and identify how many people would be needed to complete the overall tasks involved in the activity.
2. Identify what qualifications and skillset would be required in the people you hire to perform these tasks.
3. Identify the timelines within which the tasks need to be delivered and make sure the number of people you choose to hire are enough in numbers to meet the deadline.
4. Understand the psychology of the people you hire by clearly speaking to them about the goals you desire to achieve and understanding their expectations from the job.

Once you ensure that the above four points have been fully met, you can shortlist the members you think would fit into your team and start working with them. An important point here is what do you do with your team members after having them onboard. Here are the steps necessary to steer your team towards success:

1. Induct the chosen team as part of the existing system and communicate every single detail of the job or tasks at hand clearly to the team you select and make sure the deadlines are communicated too.
2. Motivate your team members by assigning them the tasks they can complete quickly and efficiently and once in a while, reward them for the good work.
3. Seek feedback from your team members from time-to-time to understand how things are going and incorporate their suggestions to make them feel empowered and involved as leaders.
4. Hold team meetings and get-togethers often to make sure that all the team members have goals aligned with the organization’s success.
For sure, a team that thrives on discipline, honest communication and sincerity goes a long way and achieves success quickly.

Role of Appreciation in Team Building

When talking about appreciating others, many people ask about the role of Appreciation in Team Building. There is an understanding in the world that all people benefit from gratitude and appreciation, which means every individual, needs to feel appreciated, respected and valued. Admiration is one of the cardinal human desires which must be satisfied in order to build self-confidence. It will also ensure the cohesiveness of the team.

To create and maintain a culture of appreciation in a team requires a concerted focus on certain behavior and characteristics. Below are some points for building a strong and cohesive team. They are not the only avenues but of great importance.

Appreciation of individual and whole team

Within a team it is important to encourage every individual, so he/she feels confident and understands his/her contribution to the team. Don`t let his/her feel that their contributions are invisible, unimportant and useless. Cohesion is difficult to maintain without team recognition because focus is directed away from the team accomplishment. So it is important that every individual as well as the whole team must be appreciated regularly to build individual potential as well as the whole team`s.

Appreciation in Private and in public

Appreciation of accomplishments should be carried out in private and also in the public. This will boost the morale of individuals and the whole team. A little reward will help with this and encourage team building.


When you know about the priorities of individual and take care of them, it will help the person to feel at home and inspire them to do their best. Encouragement with respect in front of team will boost someone to do more for the team.


Appreciation creates sincerity for the team and for the company in the mind and heart of individual. It encourages loyalty.

Appreciation Culture

If a culture of appreciation is developed within the team, then every member will try to do his or her best to be appreciated. New ideas will be generated and will prove to be beneficial for the team.

The above are few benefits of appreciation within the framework of team building, that will contribute to team well being. They are not hard and fast rules but they will help move your team toward its goal of unity.

Treasure Hunts in Philadelphia: Top Three Choices

Treasure HuntsEveryone loves a great Treasure Hunt! It’s a time-honored favorite in corporate team building events. Whether you call them team Scavenger Hunts or Treasure Hunts, Philly Hops has produced some very interesting and effective alternatives to the typical hunt.

Even if your group has participated in a hunt-style activity before and maybe tired of the standard approach, Philly Hops has created some amazing games that turn the old hunt on it’s head!

Here are three popular choices that take Team Hunts in an all-new direction:

  • Anything Goes Treasure Hunt:
    The perfect hunt for any location, any group size, and any goal. This enjoyable game gives teams freedom to choose what they will find and how they will find it. The Anything Goes Hunt is flexible and completely adaptable to any environment, whether it’s urban, suburban, or rural. The exercise emphasizes creativity, humor and brainstorming.
  • Limousine Hunt:
    A luxurious way to explore and discover. Teams are driven around and must employ strategy for every move, in their quest to find nearby treasures.  A fast-paced alternative that promotes friendly team bonding and collaboration.
  • Innovation Hunt:
    The ‘thinking person’s’ Treasure Hunt, this exciting event allows teams to locate an assortment of items that fit categories and return those items for a fascinating group phase that is all about Innovation and Finding Solutions. Team also draft sketches or diagrams, then propose clever new inventions that help the world in a hilarious presentation segment. Perfect for brainstorming and problem-solving.Just remember, Treasure Hunts aren’t the same old same old same old. There are many exciting options out there!

Culinary Team Building Says: Play With Your Food!

chili001Philly Hops is happy to announce it is launching an all-new initiative called ‘Culinary Connections’. This cutting edge program lets groups choose a “Foodie” team building event from ‘s large catalogue of food-related programs. In Culinary Connections you can find a program to fit perfectly with your team’s tastes, needs and style. These creative food-related programs range from wine making challenges, fun games for chocolate lovers, Mixology Prohibition-style, to creating a delicious Tapas meal.

No other company offers a variety of innovative food programs similar to Philly Hops. Events are led by seasoned professional chefs, food experts, and team building professionals. Your group will experience the best, from the best leaders in the team building industry.

Why are culinary team games so popular? Sharing food is a time-honored group tradition that encourages bonding and learning better cooperative skills. The excitement of tasting and experimenting in a kitchen, for example, is an amazing way to look at and improve team organizational and leadership skills.

The best part? The entire team can share in the results – and shared success is a very important aspect of teamwork!

We encourage you to check out the “Culinary Connections” section in our (new and upgraded) website—coming very soon! Or check out the classic Culinary and Cooking sections until the exciting new launch takes place.

We will keep you posted when the launch happens! Come see what delicious choices are available for your upcoming group outing! When you’re hungry for a really fun and effective team event, Philly Hops can serve you up an unforgettable time!

Shooting Stars

The Programs


Shooting Stars On Demand Treasure Hunt Team Building Exercise

Team Benefits

Team Spirit
Change Management


Your staff did a terrific job motivating the attendees. I look forward to working with you again

LC Meeting Planner, Johnson & Johnson

This is one of our very popular Treasure Hunts

PLUS! check out our other great Movie Making Team Building Programs


Tired of cookie-cutter team building scavenger hunts? Shooting Stars is a totally customizable exercise perfect for your group’s needs and sensibilities. Adjustable to any time, place and theme, this high-energy indoor or outdoor game combines the best of innovative challenge with professionally-led experiential team building.

Our facilitator will lead your group in a dynamic and unforgettable activity that engages every member 100%. Shooting Stars encourages full participation, regardless of your group size. That’s right, from 20 to 200, this is one treasure hunt-style event that brings everyone together!


The key to the Shooting Stars program is an innovative system that allows participants to invest their own imagination and fun into the game. This is not your standard set of ‘clues’. Shooting Stars is On-Demand because your group can help create the experience they will find most rewarding. The event starts with ‘basic challenges’ and gives the teams many ways to add on bonuses and customize solutions to be as creative as possible.


By incorporating twists and turns into a fast-paced treasure hunt format, teams have many options to think outside the box and deliver surprising (and often humorous) results. Shooting Stars allows teams to use cameras, props and some unexpected strategy to create a memorable bonding experience.


Your organization can also help mold the event into one that accurately promotes the desired culture, attitude and philosophy that’s completely individual to your needs.


After warmups and icebreakers, your group will be introduced to the Shooting Stars program and given free reign to explore strategic options. There are countless ways for teams to work together and create new opportunities with the flexible choices available within the activity. This is a treasure hunt that actively promotes brainstorming and values every voice. Team members can contribute as much as they wish (and they will want to!) to achieve great results for their team and your group.
Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 20-200 (divided into teams of 6-10)
Program Length: 3 hours approximately
Location: This program is extremely flexible and can be done indoors, outdoors, in any conference room, meeting space or function room . Perfect for urban suburban or even rural areas.

Washington DC Team Building with the Amazing Adventure Treasure Hunt


Washington DC is an ideal getaway for team building adventures. A city rich in history and culture. it is the seat of the federal government and a host to people of different nations and traditions. It is also the unrivaled home of the biggest collection of historical buildings in the USA. Some of the places that will excite a visitor to visit Washington DC include the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital Building, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museums, the National Zoo and Old Town Alexandria. The sheer variety of places to visit alone encourages the holding of team building activities in the city.

Visiting and holding team building activities in Washington DC gives hardworking employees a chance to relax and get to know each other. The essential elements that help create a team that works well and efficiently such as trust, communication, collaboration, leadership and role clarity, are best developed through team building activities such as this.

A team building activity that people can participate in when in the Washington DC area is the very unique Adventure Treasure Hunt hosted by Philly Hops Corporate Team Building. The Amazing Adventure treasure hunt gets team members to use their imagination to the fullest – because they will be searching for the creature that lives in their most fertile imaginations. It is such a mysterious creature that it has neither been written about nor has it been photographed. It is more mysterious than the Loch Ness Monster “Nessie” or Big Foot and exists only in rumors and whispers.

Members of the team building group are then to search for this creature in the wilds, which in Washington DC would involve searching the streets next to the famous historical buildings. The creature is created from the team members’ definition. They define it by answering questions, using photography, audio recording devices and sketching.

This adventure can have 5 to 10 participating groups and lasts about 4 hours. The teams will meet at a specified place after they have been out on their search and will now attempt to outdo one another on the depth of the mystery of their creature. Each group will use all the evidence they have gathered in profiling their mystery creature. It is recommended that this adventure be done in a lively commercial area. The various teams participating in this treasure hunt also have a ball in the process of trying to outdo each other.

Philly Hops Team Building adventures put a new twist on a classic game loved by all. Nothing promotes unity like a Scavenger Hunt. These scavenger hunts also help develop skills such as never giving up by overcoming beliefs in things that limit them. Once the teams come back together, they use highly sought after presentation skills to demonstrate their findings to the group. Another added benefit of the hunts is the use of time management skills. They only have a few hours to answer the clues that will lead them to their creature. Philly Hops takes team building into a whole new direction. It is sure to be an event that your teams won’t forget.

5 Of The Best Team Building Activities

The best team building activities that your staff can engage in are those that help them feel more motivated to perform better at work. And according to the recent surveys, team building activities make employees feel more valued. People who feel valued are usually the most motivated and productive. In fact, 93 per cent of all people who had a strong sense of being valued said they were motivated to perform their best at work. That is why in this post we will be discussing 5 activities that can create great bonding experiences among your employees.

1. Team Building Workshops
Our first of the best team building activities is workshops and seminars, which give team members the chance to reinforce their skills. It can also help them develop new professional relationships. This makes it easy for team members to grow and develop a stronger sense of value.

2. Cooking Team Building
Our second recommendation for best team building activities is breaking bread together. Sharing a meal created together with your team is a fun, exciting team building and bonding experience. This atmosphere allows team members to get to know each other better outside the workplace. This can really help to build a stronger bond between people who only communicate through the phone and the Internet.

3. Team Building Treasure Hunts and Excursions
The third best team building activities suggestion is a treasure hunt and excursion. For instance, a treasure hunt in a park, museum, or some other interesting place can build morale and bond your team. You can also send you team members on an excursion visit and study one of your suppliers or another company that complements your work. Your team members will definitely return with greater enthusiasm and fresh insights that can make them more productive.

4. Team Building Through Fun Projects
We all know that projects and activities offer great opportunities for employees to work together as a team while they enjoy the benefits of physical activities instead of sitting watching power point presentations. Fun projects give the groups a change to interact in new ways, to make decisions together using creative problems solving because the activities are new to everyone. These types of programs are some of the best team building activities available.

5. Team Building Through Community Service
The best team building activities you can offer your team is those that will give them a higher sense of worth. Engaging in any form of community service is an excellent way to improve team bonding. For example, your team can participate in helping the elderly, the infirm, or the physically challenged. Teams can make things to donate to community development projects.

Those are some of the best team building activities that your team can participate in. These activities will help your team members to relate better outside the workplace, make them feel more valued and increase their productivity.

Please leave a comment about this article. Let’s know what your views are about the activities we have discussed. You may also ask questions about how you can implement these activities in your organization. Thanks.

5 Ingredients That Can Enhance Team Building Exercises for Work

Team BuildingEffective team building exercises offer several distinct benefits in the workplace. They can be used to create a higher level of commitment, collaboration, competence and concentration among all the employees in an organization. But for this to happen, there must be some basic ingredients in place. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most important ingredients and conditions that can enhance team building exercises for work.

1. Clear Expectations
For team building exercises to be successful, leadership needs to communicate its expectations very clearly to the team members. The teams expected performance must be well defined. Team members should understand why the team was created. And the organization’s leadership should demonstrate their sincerity by supporting the team through adequate provision of people, materials and finance.

2. Common Focus
A well-defined mission and vision will enhance team building exercises. Every team should have a clearly defined area of responsibility. The leaders in each team should be able to communicate the goals, strategies, timelines, and the procedure for measuring success. After the leaders in the team have mapped out their strategies, the coordinating group provides adequate support so the team can maintain focus and achieve their objectives.

3. Commitment
Team building exercises will be more effective when they are done with the commitment of all team members. Every team member must have a strong desire to participate with the team. They must feel that the team’s mission and vision are important. Everyone must believe that the expectations can be met. In addition, the team members should anticipate some form of reward or recognition for their contribution. They should also believe that their own careers will develop as they participate actively in team activities.

4. Competence
A strong feeling that the team can perform its functions effectively is essential for the success of all team building exercises. Just like the performance of every athlete in a relay race influences the final outcome, the members of the team should have the skill, knowledge and capability to handle the tasks the team was created for. If the team does not have all the people it needs, can it get help when needed?

5. Communication
When the members of the team participate in team building exercises, there should be well-established channels of communication and feedback. The leaders of the organization should ensure that important business information is provided regularly. The larger context in which the team is operating should be properly understood by all team members.

All team members must communicate cordially, sincerely and clearly with each other. All the shades of opinion held by each team member should be well received, especially during brainstorming sessions. All conflicts of opinion should be handled without allowing them to escalate and hinder the progress of the team.

Those are five vital ingredients that will enhance the outcome of team building exercises for work. If you have any questions or additional ideas about how to enhance team building activities, kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thanks.

Team Building: All Around Atlanta

teambuilding-activities-With the modernized look, newly-built structures, and latest developments, Atlanta is spearheading the rise and advancement of the new and progressive South. Atlanta’s rapid expansion and quick progression place it at the forefront of the fastest growing metropolitan areas of the country, and that is definitely in pace with our high-energy, resourceful, and fun team building and training programs.

From street cafes to al fresco dining to exquisite restaurants, Atlanta offers many choices of dining venues for our popular food-focused team building challenges. Under the guidance of professional chefs, participants can test their culinary skills doing Building Chocolate Bridges, Chocolate Therapy, or our Trees (snacks) of Wishes program created by teams for philanthropic donations.

Teams can participate in some healthy competition, work together, and achieve one goal by having a Great Chili Cook-Off or a Team Tapas. If they’d rather engage in a mental game, a Game Show will challenge the group’s problem-solving and communication skills and let them sit and enjoy their meal at the same time.

Piedmont Park, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and Zoo Atlanta in Grant Park are all wonderful sites for our outdoor treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. Have an Amazing Adventure Treasure Hunt while surrounded by animals in the Zoo Atlanta. The Stone Mountain provides great scenery for the Polaroid Photo Treasure Hunt. The Limousine Treasure Hunt can take groups all around the three districts of Atlanta, namely Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead. Relive the Olympics in the Centennial Olympic Park and create your own mini-version with the Record Breakers team building game.

Our in-demand Fast Video Challenge and Video Treasure Hunt lets budding filmmakers create their own video production companies. Participants in this challenge are sure to build team camaraderie and their strategy and decision-making skills. The Philips Arena, Georgia Dome, Georgia World Congress Center, CNN Center, and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta are all just as a stone’s throw away from each other and would serve as terrific backdrops for film ideas.

Location-specific team building programs can be tailor made for Atlanta. With places like the Atlanta History Center, Carter Center, High Museum of Art, Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, and the New World of Coca-Cola exhibit, groups in Atlanta can plan their team building sessions according to their specific needs.

All Philly Hops team building activities and training programs offered in Atlanta are innovative, creative, and enjoyable for all participants. They are meant to be fun and exciting ways of building trust, encouraging innovation and creativity, promoting teamwork, enhancing communication, increasing motivation, reinforcing work relationships, and developing leadership within members of a group. Essential team and work values are learned and instilled in our team building programs in a light, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere.

Call Philly Hops at 215 426-5644 or email at for more information.