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Culinary Connections

Culinary Connections

Philly Hops specializes in “Foodie” team building.  We offer more cooking and “Foodie” programs then any company worldwide.  Our one-of – a-kind programs are designed to build camaraderie and also inspire great teamwork.

Always the pioneer Philly Hops was one of the first companies to offer cooking team building programs. A former professional chef and event planner, owner, Betty Robinson knows the dynamics of making and breaking bread together.

Working together as a harmonious unit is a crucial part of the professional culinary experience.  From this insight Betty has created a series of food related programs that get to the heart of teamwork. These programs serve as experiential metaphors to inspire teamwork and empower your team.



We recommend these programs because they are fun, great for team bonding, and also great to develop team skills.

Our Foodie Program Benefits:

  • Super fun and funny
  • Learn about your team process and have ah ha!  moments
  • Great for Team Bonding
  • Easy to book last minute
  • Planning & Booking a breeze with these programs. Because they are:
  • No-Fuss-No-Muss – you don’t need to find “just the right” venue and get their approval or buy your ingredients from them. Planning and booking these programs are a breeze. 


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Philly Hops was one of the first companies to offer Cooking Team Building.  These programs are about team bonding and working together productively.

Our Cooking Team Building Program Benefits:

  • We are a professional team building company with 15 years doing this
  • We are not a cooking school, an event planner, or caterer etc. who have no knowledge of team development
  • Our leaders have backgrounds in the Professional Food & Beverage industry and teaching backgrounds therefore…
  • Your meal will be delicious! 


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