Game Show Mania

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team building exercise that puts your company into a live game show

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Team Spirit
Group Play
Friendly Competition

Game Show Mania is one of our very popularGames and Challenges

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Every night, millions of TV viewers play along with their favorite game shows. Buying a vowel. Blurting out answers. It’s as American as baseball and apple pie. So — for 50 points, what’s the best way to make your next meeting or party a hit? Let us bring you the fast-paced live action and

Hollywood-style showmanship of Game Show Mania directly to you!

Game Show Mania includes a fully interactive entertainer(s) who will bring you and your guests up as contestants in groups of four. Once you�re up on stage, it�s a fantasy come true as you play a real game show. You�ll have fun answering trivia questions, playing name-that-tune; remember this and other variations of the game. Questions come from our trivia library and we can also customize questions pertaining to your organization or conference theme.

Our entertainers and emcees are well trained, and can put the entire show together for you. This is a sure-fire way to turn an average event into something big.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 25 – 300 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: Approximately 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of your group.

Location: A stage, a riser or a function room � pretty flexible according to your needs.