Philadelphia Treasure Hunt

The Programs


Philadelphia Highlights Treasure Hunt team building activity

Team Benefits

* Building Team Spirit
* Creative Problem Solving
* Communication Skills
* Break down social barriers
* Time Management

Philadelphia Limo Treasure Hunt is one of our Treasure Scavenger Hunt Team Building Programs
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The Program

This unique treasure hunt relies on team communication, collaboration and creativity while teams have fun discovering city’s highlights. Each team gets a set of clues, a Polaroid camera, and film. The clues contain a list of clues to solve, places to find, and items to scavenge. Plus — they must capture it all for posterity on film!

The Process

The hunt is done using limousines. It lasts for 4 hours and ends when teams reunite in a meeting space and perform out-of-the-box entertainment they create for each other.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 6 – 100 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 4 hours approximately

Location: This program is designed to begin and end in a conference room, meeting space or private restaurant dinning room.