Team Building Improv Comedy

The Programs


team building exercises where teams think on their feet

Team Benefits

* Risk-free Idea Generation
* Creativity and Communication
* Collaboration and Cooperations
* Trust – the foundation upon which everything else rests
* Accountability -taking responsibility for team member success

This program is one of our very popular Team Building Games

Improvisational theatre is about actors make up scenes, dialog and entire plays on the spot. They work collaboratively, use no script, cannot predict what will happen next, and have no chance to go back or rewrite. They rely on their knowledge, practiced skills and their colleagues.

This program of energized Improv exercises activates the all-important learning skills of listening, accepting, affirming, imagining, and trusting – and can pave the way for personal growth and organizational change.

A dynamic fun-filled program it is designed for the totally inexperienced “improver.” Group members can add their two cents or physically join in (on a voluntary basis) a series of fun games and exercises lead by an improv expert. It doesn’t take long for their creative juices to start flowing and for them to experience the pleasures of complete collaboration.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 6 – 100 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 1 hour approximately

Location: This program can be done in any conference room, meeting space or function room.