Team Building Soups

The Programs


have fun making soup in this delicious team building activity

Team Benefits

* Building team spirit

* Focus on big picture strategic issues

* Communication Skills

* Use of creative problem-solving skills

* To maintain a can-do approach when encountering frustrating situations

Super Soups is one of our very popularTeam Cooking Programs

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With a pantryful of flavorful ingredients and a hearty helping of humor, teams use team-building skills to concoct an exciting new soup to fulfill their ‘client’s’ last-minute expectations.

Ladles at the ready, your group must create the soup, plan an innovative marketing campaign (slogan, soupcan label, etc) and develop delicious decision-making skills that are…mmm, mmm, funny!

Super Soups is a hearty program that mixes spicy team building skills with good old-fashioned creative zest. A spoonful of teamwork will get the job done!

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 10 – 70 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 1 ½ – 2 hours approximately

Location: This program is extremely flexible and can be done in virtually any conference room, meeting space or private restaurant dinning room.