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Creativity and brainstorming skills develop in the Innovation Treasure Hunt team building exercise

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Team Spirit
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The feedback from my group was absolutely tremendous and we thoroughly enjoyed not only the activity but the presenter. He was the perfect balance of enthusiasm and practical application.
– K.C., AstraZeneca

One of our very popular Treasure Hunt Team Building Programs

The year is 2009. Your company has embarked on a bold new initiative known as a Space Time Merger. Top executives from your company have just been contacted by another group of executives from your company…. but from the year 2059! (we call it a Time Fax!) Your mission? To learn how to use Innovation skills to develop new ideas, using the inventions of the past and present to create the solutions for the future!

Your company is requesting you send them information & products from 2009 that they can use to create major innovations in the future! (Innovations like an Thought-Powered Engine, Artificial Sun and Inter-Dimensional Bridge.) And to make things even better a portion of the profits will be time-faxed back to you in 2008 so everyone benefits financially.

With this list in hand your teams will be challenged to find these products, photograph them, and begin this inter-company, inter-time collaboration. Are you up for it? Can your teams save the future of the company?

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 8 – 125 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 3 – 4 hours approximately

Location: This program can be done indoors or outdoors. It is extremely flexible. It is best beginning and ending in a conference room, meeting space or private restaurant dinning room.