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Washington DC Team Building with Space Time Treasure Hunt

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Team Building Washington DC Treasure Hunt


Washington DC, the seat of the federal government, is a city rich in history and culture. A host to people of different classes and cultures, the diversity it represents encourages tolerance and appreciation of others. Washington is also home to some of the most historical buildings in the US. Here you will find the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital Building, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museums, the National Zoo and Old Town Alexandria. And this makes Washington DC an ideal getaway for team building adventures.


When planning for an equally exciting team building adventure in Washington DC, consider Philly Hops’ list of activities. Philly Hops hold team building events that build trust in one another, encourage camaraderie and develop leadership skills – elements that differentiate employees from a successful company from those that are not. At the same time, all these team activities bring out lighthearted moments for everyone to remember when they’re back in the challenging corporate world.


The Space Time treasure hunt hosted by Philly Hops Team Building Services is a fun and flexible team building activity that will get people working together and thinking innovation. This adventure, which brings out the child in us all, is about an initiative known as a time-space merger. Team members are to assume managerial positions and learn that the company has been contacted by another group of your company executives – but this group of executives is from a date in the future, say, 50 years from today. This team of executives is requesting that you send them information and products from the current period that they can use for innovations in the future such innovations could be items like thought-powered engines, an artificial Sun and Inter dimensional bridge. To get your team working, the future executives promise to time-fax a share of the profits.


Working in groups of between 5 and 10 and for a duration lasting about 4 hours, team members are then tasked with finding the products that they will send. They will need to photograph the products and also continue rapport with the time-traveled executives. All part of the team building initiative.


This intellectually stimulating exercise can be held in a variety of places, either indoors or outdoors and can involve as many as 125 plus people. At the end of the treasure hunt, you and your employees could be surprised at the huge number of Einstein’s you have in the company.


Space Time Treasure Hunts are a great way to bring your team together. By utilizing their time management and problem solving skills as they travel through the space –time continuum, this kind of team building the will encourage a team to be stronger than ever. Gone are the days of dull, boring team building exercises that employees always seem to dread. Philly Hops takes team building to a fun, elevated new level that will be an event that your teams won’t forget. The best part is they are coming together and utilizing their skills in a fun environment. Happy employees are more productive employees so this gives them a whole new twist by sending them on the Space Time Treasure Hunt.