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philanthropic team building games that help kids

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Your team can make a real difference in the lives of hospital-bound children by creating and donating smile-making gifts in this win-win exercise that promotes positive team building and community spirit..
Teams create fun-filled pinatas to donate to local children’s hospitals in this incredible philanthropic team building event that combines challenging team activities and games with imagination and real community impact.
Its a humor-filled series of medical-themed challenges (Operation! anyone?) where teams race to accomplish goals, including a custom coloring book and award for most creative pinata.A hospital representative can be present to receive the donations in this very effective philanthropic exercise. This heartwarming event can really make a difference in the lives of hospital-bound children, and create a meaningful team bonding experience.
Minimum/Maximum Group Size: ANY
Program Length: 2 hours approximately

Location: Any conference, banquet or meeting space