Best Team Building In Philadelphia

Best Team Building


These all new team building exercises are perfect for qualifying groups. To be eligible for any of these hot new team programs, your group must be within the Philadelphia area and meet maximum group size requirements (varies per program). Contact us for details

Best Team Building

Make Your Own Roller Coaster

Teams design and build their own marble roller coasters in this fun exercise that combines engineering challenges, out-of-box-thinking and cooperative problem solving Inquire Now

team building game and business simulation exercise

Raising The Chocolate Bar

Team building game and business simulation exercise that encourages collaborative play and decision-making, leadership skills and change management techniques Inquire Now

Sangria Contest

A refreshing new culinary team building game! Your group creates exciting sangria recipes in this mix of cooperation and healthy competition! Inquire Now


Teams create their own hilarious carnival games in this action-packed cooperative exercise that combines fun-filled creativity with engaging design challenges Inquire Now

DIY Mini Golf

Teams build and play on their own custom miniature golf course! Unforgettable fun, laugh-out-loud challenges and room for every personality type! Inquire Now