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Betty Robinson Bio

Betty Robinson


Betty Robinson Bio


Betty Robinson, CEO of Philly HopsRead More About Philly Hops


Betty Robinson is a team building consultant who helps businesses and corporations improve communication and trust by producing fun, interactive team building programs.
Amazed by the many entertainment companies, caterers, and venues that claimed to offer team building as a mere sideline service, Betty created Philly Hops & Go Team Building, expert organizations dedicated to designing and producing professional team building programs. Professional but also personal; Betty’s goal is to give customized and personal attention to all her clients. Philly Hops adapts programs to client’s targeted learning points and travels anywhere to deliver a great full-service experience.
‘At Philly Hops we offer experiential team building, which means no boring lectures…people learn from their own, fun experiences. There is a lot of laughter, applause and we pride ourselves in getting 100% engagement from participants’, says Betty Robinson.
Since 1997, Betty has brought Philly Hops to the cutting-edge, creating one-of-a-kind programs and maintaining a very diverse catalog to suit all tastes and needs. The creator of one of the first Cooking Team Building Programs available anywhere, Betty’s cooking events are led by Professional Chefs with extensive backgrounds. Other team building events include theme such as Movie Making, unique Treasure Hunts, and Murder Mysteries.
Betty’s approach is detail-oriented from start to finish, with high-impact and results-oriented programs, designed to promote the best return-on-investment for clients. Betty partners with program leaders who are fun, high-energy, as she continues to raise the standard of experiential team building on all levels.
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