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Go Green Racing

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team building that uses solar power for your team's bright future

Team Benefits

Fun & Camaraderie
Energy & Enthusiasm
Big Picture Strategy
Problem Solving

We really appreciate all you and your team did to make this such a success!– TD Bank
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Its fast-paced fun as teams build environmentally friendly cars from recycled materials and solar-powered car kits to race for speed and performance in this exciting team building event that’s ‘driven’ to build team spirit with a philanthropic twist.

Principles of recycling and energy conservation meet organizational development as teams work to create innovative race cars using available resources, and compete in an exciting tournament where energy is high. (but used efficiently!)

Everyone wins in this program that mixes creativity, engineering challenges and friendly competition because the cars, kits and solar-power education materials are then donated to local schools. Race to learn more about solar power and recycling, as your group helps the community make learning fun!

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: ANY

Program Length: 2 hours approximately

Location: Indoors or Outdoors