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teams create an amazing banquet for history's most thrilling characters

Team Benefits

Building team spirit
Communication Skills
Escaping SILOs

Our team greatly enjoyed the event. We all thought the Philly Hops team delivered beyond our expectations. Thank you Betty, Remo and Gene for a great event! – Shire

Look Who’s Coming To Dinner!

One of our DELUXE Team Cooking Programs

Teams create an amazing banquet for some of history’s most memorable characters in this innovative event. A team cooking program that combines cross-sharing and storytelling skills with delicious results!

Many famous (and infamous!) characters from history are arriving for a special banquet and teams must work together with gourmet recipes to create the ultimate meal!

Each team will also represent one of the characters and must create a story and profile as part of a hilarious presentation. This event involves cross-sharing, SILO-breaking and innovative thinking.

Collaborative Dinner With History can also be interwoven with a catered meal for your group, or can work as a standalone event where teams make all of the food. There are many options. This is one our Deluxe Cooking Team Building activities and combines the excitement of culinary team building with communication skill-building and storytelling exercises.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: ANY

Program Length: 2 – 3 hrs. The program can be customized to be longer according to your needs or the size of your group.

Location: A function room, a hotel ballroom at a conference center. Full kitchen facilities are not required.