Improv Murder Mysteries

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team building combined with the excitement of improv and a fun murder mystery

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It was AMAZING! Sharon was fantastic! – Rutgers University

This is one of our very popular Murder Mystery Programs


This hour-long interactive comedy show is a new concept in murder mysteries. The audience is involved in questioning suspects, uncovering clues and developing the plot. Some audience members become suspects themselves. The actors use interactive Improv techniques to re-enact the crime, and deflect guilt from themselves onto others. Even the performers don’t know who the murderer is until the audience helps to determine the killer’s identity. Loads of fun!

Created and performed by a professional improv comedy troupe specializing in high-energy, interactive, comedy…

Improv comedy as you have seen on TV’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” but
-We customize the show to your company’s theme or personality…


The crime is created as it goes…your employees create the script by giving simple suggestions that our performers follow from start to finish

In this all improv, interactive murder mystery comedy show – one of your employees is “murdered”, some of your employees become “suspects”, and one employee is finally uncovered to be the “murderer!”

Our performers (working with the audience) use several hilarious 5-minute Improv games to develop clues and re-enact the crime. Even the performers don’t know who the murderer is until the audience unwittingly helps to determine the killer’s identity.

Since every show is improvised and the actors takes suggestions from the audience, each performance is different and can be customized to fit any theme, any space and any schedule.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: ANY

Program Length: 60-90 minutes

Location: This program can be done in a conference room, meeting space or private restaurant dinning room.