The Programs


fast and fun international flavors make a great team building activity

Team Benefits

* Building team spirit
* Problem Solving
* Communication Skills
* Maintain a can-do approach
* Time Management

Let’s Cook!

Iron Chef Tapas is one of our very popularTeam Cooking Programs

An exciting gourmet competition where teams work to create amazing appetizer-style tapas dishes in the ‘kitchen stadium’ under the watchful eye of the Chairman and Iron Chef. A delicious exercise that really promotes intensely rewarding teamwork.

The intense, flavorful competition of Iron Chef takes on team-building flair with delicious tapas-making challenges and culinary games designed to keep your group engaged and hungry for more! This program encourages team roles and responsibilities, with a tasty payoff as the buffet table becomes a true work of art, judged by the Iron Chef. Of course, everyone wins because this food tastes great!

After warming up with some team bonding exercises, teams will work under the supervision of a expert chef and learn about cooperation and project planning. A professional debrief is also available to reinforce teachable moments and creat an even memorable (and meaningful) experience.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: ANY&

Program Length: 2 – 3 hrs. The program can be customized to be longer according to your needs or the size of your group.

Location: A function room, a hotel ballroom at a conference center. Full kitchen facilities are not required.