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Creating a movie is a famous example of team effort, and we have some amazing, innovative team building exercises that combine movie making skills and experience with great team skill building results.

Fast Video Challenge

Why watch movies when you can make one? Armed with quick-start filmaking tips, a digital movie camera and some brainstorming practice, teams set out to make an award-winning 3-minute blockbuster.

Video Treasure Hunt

Cameras and street smarts combine as teams solve hilarious clues with cinematic style! An all new twist on the classic treasure hunt where the stars are your teams!

Videos That Change Lives

Teams create short video ‘pitches’ that demonstrate their own out-of-the-box business concepts and the results are used to help a real life entrepreneurs through an incredible micro loan program!

Shooting Stars On-Demand Treasure Hunt

Shooting Stars is a totally customizable exercise perfect for your group’s needs and sensibilities. Adjustable to any time, place and theme, this high-energy indoor or outdoor game combines the best of innovative challenge with professionally-led experiential team building.

Viral Videomakers Movie Making Program

Ready for the next big thing? Teams plan and produce a series of trendsetting Viral Videos, designed to take the world (or at least the internet) by storm. A crash course in videomaking techniques, brainstorming games and high energy humor combine to create a fun-filled team bonding experience.

League Of Superspies Movie Making Program

We need to assemble a team of the world’s greatest superspies to take on top secret missions. This game allows your group to create their own spy characters and shoot hilarious videos to save the world.

News Hunt Movie Making Program

Grab your camera and press pass! This is the hottest team building story and your group can make real headlines. Plan and produce your own �network news� video show, with sports segments, traffic reports, weather updates and breaking news as you find it! Interview witnesses, probe a scandal or be on the scene for news as it happens.

Murder By Video

Team members take on various roles in a hilarious whodunit, making a short video about a caper gone wrong with their own clever clues thrown into the script! Moviemaking team building meets murder mystery mayhem! Everyone has a part to play as each team plans and directs their own mini-mystery movie.

Death By Chocolate

The owner of the world’s greatest chocolate empire is going to pass away and is offering control of the company to the team that invents the greatest chocolate recipe of all time! Movie Making meets Mystery meets Mouthwatering Chocolate!
Death by Chocolate Slideshow

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