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Betty Robinson, CEO of Philly Hops


Betty Robinson is a team building consultant who helps corporations improve communication and trust by producing fun, interactive teambuilding programs.

Amazed by the many entertainment companies, caterers, and venues that claimed to offer as a mere sideline service, Betty created Philly Hops & Go Team Building, expert organizations dedicated to designing and producing professional teambuilding programs. Professional but also personal; Betty’s goal is to give customized and personal attention to all her clients. Philly Hops adapts programs to client’s targeted learning points and travels anywhere to deliver a great full-service experience.

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the best teambuilding and training leaders in the industry


Philly Hops is a Team Development and Training Company based in Philadelphia that specializes in experiential team building activities. Our trainers and leaders are all professionals in their fields with credentials ranging from degrees in organizational development to teachers of improvisational comedy. As a firmly established local company, Philly Hops uses only the finest and most cost effective meeting spaces, hotels and personalities for our team building programs.

the best teambuilding and training leaders in the industry


Our programs aren’t static classroom training sessions or long drawn out speaker presentations. They are fun interactive experiences that participants can be actively and emotionally involved in. People learn more thoroughly when they can apply what they are learning. The creative and fun nature of our team building activities will leave your team with learning and a smile as they practice high performance team skills.

learn the advantages and experience the excitement of experiential teambuilding activities


Our teambuilding programs are designed by professionals to stimulate the imagination and create positive emotions and enthusiasm for the tasks being performed. This heightens awareness and increases the desire to succeed. Each of our programs requires communication and the collaborative effort of all team members to achieve a goal. The collective spirit of a group of people who are all completely tuned in is an energizing and uplifting experience.


Everyone loves to have fun. Philly Hops focuses on ‘fun first’ so we can create events and activities that people want to participate in. Team members in our teambuilding programs are happy to utilize their talents to help one another because there is a spirit of camaraderie. And as we have said and studies have made clear, it is easier and more lasting when you learn something while you are enjoying yourself.

the best teambuilding and training leaders in the industry


We polled a team upon completion of one of our ‘fun’ programs (Chocolate Therapy) and asked what they liked most. Some of their quotes follow: Could ask each other for help * Mutual Accountability * Trust * Seeing others creativity * Working through conflict * Worked as individuals and as a team * Everyone Accountable * Lots of harmony * Cooperation * Drawing from everyone’s expertise * Camaraderie * Commitment to teamwork * Creativity * Had Fun * Worked Collectively * No Silos

Some of our clients include Ikea, Kellogg, IRS, TV Guide, US Airways, Aramark, Independence Blue Cross, Toys R Us, Campbell Soup, M & M Mars, IRS, Bristol Myers Squibb, WaWa, Starbucks, GMAC Mortgage, University of Pennsylvania, Lincoln Financial, GE Healthcare, GlaxoSmithkline, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Radian, Philadelphia Housing Authority, SAP, Prudential Fox Roach, McCormick & Company, Wharton School, Lockheed Martin, and United Health Care.

the best teambuilding and training leaders in the industry