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Team Building Programs
Culinary Team Building Programs
Chocolate Therapy Team Building Program chocolate-tasting exercise – teams cure society’s ills using chocolate
Building Chocolate Bridges using snacks to build a delicious future,,,using teamwork!
Winemakers Challenge Team Building Program learn wine – taste wine – design your own winery
Cheese It! tasty cheese-themed games, activities and business simulations
Cake Wars Team Building Program creative cakes and clever competition – may the craziest cake win!
Treasure Hunts
Anything Goes Treasure Hunt
teams take on the wildest treasure hunt clues of all time!
Limousine Treasure Hunt
Classy Clues as teams get driven around to search style!
Amazing Adventure Treasure Hunt
A mysterious creature? The search for ancient secrets continues!
Innovation Treasure Hunt
Teams race to collect ancient artifacts to build inventions of the future!
Spy Chase Hunt
High-tech clues lead teams on a mission to uncover the infamous White Rabbit!
Movie Making Team Building
Fast Video Challenge
Why watch a movie when your teams can make one?
News Hunt Movie making Program
teams make hilarious TV News broadcasts!
Murder By Video
teams create videos to solve a murder mystery!

Murder Mysteries
Classic Murder Mysteries
100% customized show where teams get in the act!
Improv Murder Mysteries
You never know what will happen!!!
Games and Challenges
Movie Making Team Building
See our selection of moviemaking team games
Slot Car Racing
High-speed team building skill game
Classic Team Building Games and Challenges
The best team bonding activities in one program!
Comedy Improv Program
teams take the centerstage for laughs and learning!
Mural Making
– for everyone – not just artists!
teams launch to a new level of excitement
You’re In The Game
A giant game board of non-stop team building fun!
Cooking Team Building
Super Soups
ladles ready! a satisfying soup-making spectacle!
Top Dessert Chef
delicious desserts and great team bonding
Healthy Teams Professional Cook-Off
Chefs for a day working towards gourmet greatness
Great Chili Cook-Off
A hot and spicy team building classic!
Philanthropic Team Building Programs
Blankets For The Wounded
teams create custom blankets for wounded soldiers
Mural Making
– for everyone – not just artists!
Location Specific
Philadelphia Limousine Treasure Hunt luxurious treasure hunt fun in Philadelphia
Philadelphia Art Museum Treasure Hunt A masterpiece in team building excitement in Philadelphia
Franklin Institute Treasure Hunt Explore science and teamwork in Philadelphia
Food For Thought Treasure Hunt Food and History combine in Philadelphia
New Hope / Lambertville Treasure Hunt Team building adventure amid the quaint history of the New Hope and Lambertville area
Anything Goes NYC Treasure Hunt Hilarious and unforgettable team building fun in New York City
San Francisco Highlights Treasure Hunt Uncover the sights and delights of historic San Francisco
Washington DC Treasure Hunt An exciting team building outing in Washington DC
Team Training