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teams get creative with the Mural Making team building activity

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The Mural Making Team Building Program is not just for artists! It;’s for everyone! This exercise is a fun, creative way to build camaraderie while working together toward a common goal.

Team Mural Making Is For Everyone (not just artists)

This foolproof creative project includes no drawing, painting or any artsy slight of hand. Filled with conceptual and spatial decision-making (and a lot of glue and tape) this is a fun vehicle for team bonding and practicing team skills.
Does your team need to brush up on listening skills? Does intra-departmental communication sometimes fall into the black hole of never happened? Is there ever resistance between departments, or does the team have a hard time visualizing the Big Picture on projects?
In this exercise small teams works together on a canvas using a variety of unique craft supplies and found objects. The goal? To create a statement of the team vision. But now here is the rub –each team’s small canvass must be designed with a larger all-teams-in-one creation in mind. This means one work of art and one unified message with all teams communicating to ensure success.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 10 – 125 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 2 hours approximately

Location: This program is extremely flexible. It can be done in a conference room, meeting space, or function room.