The Programs


A study in collaboration, your team won’t believe the delicious, gourmet food they create when they practice team building chef-style. Unlike many other cooking team building programs our programs are designed and lead by an impressive group of credentialed, professional chefs. All Programs are based on kitchen availability in your location.

Tapas Mixer

Fast fun and flavorful team building with an international flair! Simple, ‘no fuss’ cooking with great crowd-pleasing appetizers that make excellent team building activities. Tapas Mixer Slideshow

A Dinner With History

Teams create an amazing banquet for some of history’s most memorable characters in this innovative event. A team cooking program that combines cross-sharing and storytelling skills with delicious results!


In this one-of-a-kind culinary team building challenge, teams play exciting South Of The Border-inspired games to earn points to buy ingredients and create the guacamole masterpiece of their dreams in a mouth-watering competition!

Team Iron Chef

Teams get creative in this exciting surprise-filled twist on the TV classic! A high-energy collaborative event where the ingredients combine for unpredictable yet satisfying results!

Iron Chef Tapas

An exciting gourmet competition where teams work to create amazing appetizer-style tapas dishes in the ‘kitchen stadium’ under the watchful eye of the Chairman and Iron Chef. A delicious exercise that really promotes intensely rewarding teamwork.

Top Dessert Chef

Turn your team building event into a professional kitchen and let the baking begin! The end product? A spectacular grand dessert buffet created by your team to be enjoyed by all! Top Dessert Chef Slideshow

Healthy Teams Cook-off

Armed with their natural talents teams are transformed into “Iron Chefs” – everyone pitches in bringing the team to culinary victory. Healthy Teams Cookoff Slideshow

Chili Cook-Off

Stir Up Some Fun! This heated competition will get your team energized and unified as they all work in harmony toward one goal –– creation of a brand new gourmet food company and its banner product “Chili”! Chili Cookoff Slideshow

COMING SOON! Camp Wagon BBQ Competition

This Cooking Team Building BBQ is a feast of fun and flavors as teams eat and compete for who makes the best BBQ in town – or at least in the company!

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