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Competition meets Collaboration in specially-designed programs that promote healthy Team-Building skills and values with fun and impactful play experiences.

Fiesta Challenge



In this one-of-a-kind culinary team building challenge, teams create delicious snack masterpieces (Salsa, Guacamole and Sangria!) in a mouth-watering competition!


Movie Making Team Building



Why watch movies when you can make one? We have an amazing group of team building movie making exercises that encourage cooperation and create hilarious scenarios.Nothing says teamwork more than movie making!



Grand Prix Team Racing



High-speed, results-oriented skillbuilding event where teams build custom slot car racetracks and then race on ach others’ tracks, for a great combination of collaboration and competition! Fast and fun!


PathQuest: Adventures in Leadership



Teams collaborate in communication exercises, then create a visual journey that explores their company’s mission.  Working with 2D and 3D resources, teams form a map that tells a story and teams can connect their maps to share with the group.


Classic Team Building Games and Challenges



Groups participate in a series of deceptively simple teamwork activities designed to help teams develop effective communication & problem-solving skills. These stimulating tasks are like kids games but the most important part of the exercises is the participants’ reflection and discussion about how they approached each situation, and possible points of learning.

Classic Team Building Games Slideshow



Spy Hunt



This high tech themed spy hunt has teams chasing through town solving cutting edge clues on video, you-tube, and websites as well as interacting with the “locals” as they try to beat the clock and save the world from evil domination.



Mural Making (for everyone…not just artists!)



Teams come together in a highly rewarding program that combines group planning with creative chaos! Teams undertake an exciting mural challenge to form a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. No artistic talent required!





Catapult your team to success with this design-and-build program where participants have to design and build a fully functional catapult — then test and compete in challenges of distance and accuracy.


You’re in the Game!

In this high-energy teambuilding experience, teams move around a giant game board attempting to earn points in the process. The game board itself is made up of “trivia” spots and “team challenge” spots. The music starts, the extra-large dice are rolled, and the game begins!



Comedy Improv Program

A dynamic fun-filled program it is designed for the totally inexperienced “improver.” Group members can add their two cents or physically join in (on a voluntary basis) a series of fun games and exercises lead by an improv expert. It doesn’t take long for their creative juices to start flowing and for them to experience the pleasures of complete collaboration.


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