Team Building News

The Programs


newsroom simulation team building activity

Team Benefits

* Building team spirit

* Discovery of talents in self and others

* Creativity and Communication

* Presentation Skills

* Generates energy and enthusiasm

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Your crack team of would-be reporters, news presenters, commentators and experts combine their efforts in one of the most exciting team-building event ever! Each team assumes the role of a wild and whacky TV news show! They must find stories and package them for broadcast, do the research, write the copy, provide the analysis, make it entertaining…and do it all in on

Each group is sent out with a video camera to find humorous
stories for their own news program….team members choose from a
variety of key roles: anchor, reporter, editor, commentator,
cameraperson, etc. Spice up your show with a weather report, traffic or
sports segments! Use creative graphics and dramatic voices!

While putting this all together your teams practice collaboration and communication under pressure, as well as time management in a fast pace environment, creative problem solving, and much more.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 6 – 60 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 3-4 hours approximately

Location: This program can be done in a conference room, meeting space or function room.