Team Building Supermarket Madness

The Programs


business simulation team building exercise Supermarket Madness

Team Benefits

* Building team spirit

* Problem Solving

* Communication Skills

* Presentation Skills

* Time Management

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Teams design, test, and market their own breakfast cereal in a fun, creative game that simulates product development and stimulates out-of-the-box thinking. Will it be a kid’s cereal or a grownup cereal? How will it taste? Does that even matter? Most importantly, who is the mascot cartoon character? A great way to start the day off right, this game combines everything from hands-on experimentation to a little art therapy and improv exercises.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 10 – 70 (divided into teams of 5-10)

Program Length: 2-3 hours approximately

Location: This program is can be done in virtually any conference room, meeting space or function room.