Team Building Training

The Programs



It is well known that the most effective way to teach a new skill is to give participants an opportunity to immediately apply what they have learned. Philly Hops Training and Development programs are experiential designs that reinforce targeted learning experiences.

There’s an old proverb that’s used as a guideline for many motivational programs: “People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget the way you make them feel.” Humor is utilized in all of our programs to get participants immediately “feeling” and to help in the retention of the knowledge they gain. Our customized training programs have specific guidelines:

1. ENTHUSIASTIC PARTICIPATION: Our activities are engaging, therefore result in 100% participation.

2. RESULTS ORIENTED: A difference in the attitudes and behaviors of the participants should be clear upon completion of the exercise.

3. SKILL SPECIFIC: Our team building activities and training workshops teach team and personal skills that are easily utilized back to the workplace.

4. TEAM DYNAMICS: Our training programs are designed to increase the abilities of individual employees to work better as a unit to achieve their common goals.

5. FUN, FEELING, AND FOCUS: The triple F’s of Philly Hops Training Programs: We create fun events that create positive feelings to help your employees focus on their goals. This is our formula for continued long term success that keeps us head and shoulders above anyone else in the industry.