Top Desert Chef

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team building where delicious desserts bring teams closer together

Team Benefits

Team Spirit
Problem Solving
Positive Thinking
Time Management

Team Building Never Tasted So Good

Top Dessert Chef is one of our very popularTeam Cooking Programs

Turn your team building event into a professional kitchen and let the baking begin!
The end product? A spectacular grand dessert buffet created by your team to
be enjoyed by all!

Maybe it will be a cheesecake creation with fresh whipped cream and raspberries? Or caramel crepes with toasted almonds? Maybe an ice cream and mix-in all blended to perfection and paired with a chocolate dipped brownie?

Team Building Is A Real Treat!

In this Iron Chef style program teams are given a main ingredient and “mystery items” from which they must create their ultimate sweet indulgence. But wait! There’s more to this challenge then meets your sugar-filled eyes. In order to gain more ingredients for their masterpiece teams must negotiate with other teams, ultimately collaborating and bartering to gain the perfect combination of flavors. In the end it is their cooperative effort that will have them create a recipe for success.

This program has been designed to be able to be completed in an hour—or more — your choice. Teams are given a variety of precooked or non-cook items they combine to create their masterpieces. It is their creativity in the combination of these ingredients that will fashion an irresistible grand dessert.

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: ANY

Program Length: 1 hr – 70 minutes. The program can be customized to be longer according to your needs or the size of your group.

Location: A function room, a hotel ballroom at a conference center.