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Viral Videomakers team building program

Team Building Benefits

* Team Spirit
* Quick Decision Making & Problem Solving
* Collaboration & Consensus
* Continuous Improvement
* Strategy

This is one of our very popular Games and Challenges

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Ready for the next big thing? Teams plan and produce a series of trendsetting Viral Videos, designed to take the world (or at least the internet) by storm. A crash course in videomaking techniques, brainstorming games and high energy humor combine to create a fun-filled team bonding experience.

Teams receive guidelines about how viral videos work. (They are not commercials at all) and incentive to create clever/funny/addictive/trendsetting videos. Teams work to develop their ideas in positive brainstorming sessions then take those ideas to the camera for a high-speed production guaranteed to bring laughs and team bonding into the spotlight.


Your group will get to enjoy their work and ‘vote’ on the their favorite viral videos to determine which campaign has the most ‘legs’. It’s a hilarious combination of creativity and teamwork that your group will never forget!
Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 10-60 (divided into teams of 5-10)
Program Length: 3 hours approximately
Location: This program is extremely flexible and can be done in any conference room, meeting space or function room.