Team Building Chocolate Therapy Events in Washington

OUR MOST POPULAR PROGRAM! Using secret flavors, relevant clinical data, ingenuity and a bit of comedy teams create and market a new chocolate remedy – a meltingly marvelous product that will revolutionize the way we use chocolate today!

Corporate Fiesta Challenge Programs in New York

In this one-of-a-kind culinary team building challenge, teams create delicious snack masterpieces (Salsa, Guacamole and Sangria!) in a mouth-watering competition!

Team Building Chocolate Bridges Activities in Philadelphia

Team rise to the occasion, using a magic compound (chocolate) to build a bridge that will save their city, their teammates, and the day.

Corporate Wine Makers Challenge Programs in Philadelphia

Always a success! Teams hone their group skills while they create and market a world-class wine! An extremely fun and funny romp through the world of wine!

Team Building Cake Decorating Challenges in Washington

It’s a party! Your company is going to have a grand celebration and you are in charge of the party. Yes, there will be cake. Why are we celebrating? Not for something that has happened, but for something that WILL happen. Your company is going to have great accomplishments in the future. It’s up to YOU to imagine what those great accomplishments will be. A great cake decorating exercise that stimulates real out-of-the-box thinking.

Corporate Sangria Challenge Programs in New York City

A refreshing new culinary team building game! Your group creates sangria recipes in this mix of cooperation and healthy competition! It’s all about working together using collaboration to create and market the perfect Sangria!