Reading Terminal Treasure Hunt

Reading Terminal Treasure Hunt

The Reading Terminal farmer’s market has been a cultural mainstay in Philadelphia since 1892 and the perfect setting for a gourmet treasure hunt. This historic “Foodie” playground is ripe with cuisine-related clues that will have your team racing against the clock solving riddles and cryptic clues.  You may have experienced Reading Terminal’s mouth-watering aromas and handmade confections but you’ve never experienced the market like this. This tasty adventure will have you seeing a different side to the Terminal and a fun side to your team

Broad Street Treasure Hunt

Broad Street Treasure Hunt

Walk, Run, or even Uber-it down Philadelphia’s main arterial streets to answer city mysteries and clues. Broad Street and its nearby thoroughfares are prime treasure hunting ground. Teams will face off against each other and the clock to race through town, settle in for a fun time and some downtown state-of-mind boggling puzzles that lead to the ultimate treasure!

Chinatown Treasure Hunt

Chinatown Hunt

Beyond the colorful Friendship Arch at 10th and Arch Streets lives Philly’s vibrant Asian enclave, Chinatown. Amidst the restaurants and cultural stores teams go on a Mission to solve clues and save the day. Experience a cultural landscape that dates back to 1871 when the first business in Chinatown opened its doors. As you traipse through the community, take note of the bright colors, elaborate designs, and pay close attention to any symbols of the Phoenix. The Phoenix is meant to ensure good luck, something you will need as you use your spy skills to steer your team to victory.

Team Building Activity

Franklin Institute Treasure Hunt

Experience the challenge of a Philly Hops treasure hunt. Exercise your mind and your ability to work together as a team. Feel the thrill as you discover the unexpected searching through The Franklin Institute’s quirks, secrets and trivia. It’s a quest for the famous and infamous, the historic and the hysterical.

Team Building Program

New Hope and Lambertville Treasure Hunt

An engaging romp through the historic and beautiful New Hope and Lambertville area, packed with intriguing clues and mysteries to solve! Teams explore and investigate in a unique and picturesque environment.

New Hope and Lambertille provide a gorgeous and relaxed atmosphere for an adventurous day of treasure hunting amid quaint shops, historic landmarks and small-town yet universally appealing charm.

Team Building Philadelphia

Art Museum Treasure Hunt

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is among the largest, most important, and most unique art museums in the United States. Some of the highlights included in your treasure hunt are actual buildings and interiors such as:

  • A Hindu Temple
  • A Japanese ceremonial teahouse
  • A Chinese palace hall
  • A 13th-century French cloister
  • A suite of 18th-century French “Chateaux” interiors