Role of Appreciation in Team Building

When talking about appreciating others, many people ask about the role of Appreciation in Team Building. There is an understanding in the world that all people benefit from gratitude and appreciation, which means every individual, needs to feel appreciated, respected and valued. Admiration is one of the cardinal human desires which must be satisfied in order to build self-confidence. It will also ensure the cohesiveness of the team.

To create and maintain a culture of appreciation in a team requires a concerted focus on certain behavior and characteristics. Below are some points for building a strong and cohesive team. They are not the only avenues but of great importance.

Appreciation of individual and whole team

Within a team it is important to encourage every individual, so he/she feels confident and understands his/her contribution to the team. Don`t let his/her feel that their contributions are invisible, unimportant and useless. Cohesion is difficult to maintain without team recognition because focus is directed away from the team accomplishment. So it is important that every individual as well as the whole team must be appreciated regularly to build individual potential as well as the whole team`s.

Appreciation in Private and in public

Appreciation of accomplishments should be carried out in private and also in the public. This will boost the morale of individuals and the whole team. A little reward will help with this and encourage team building.


When you know about the priorities of individual and take care of them, it will help the person to feel at home and inspire them to do their best. Encouragement with respect in front of team will boost someone to do more for the team.


Appreciation creates sincerity for the team and for the company in the mind and heart of individual. It encourages loyalty.

Appreciation Culture

If a culture of appreciation is developed within the team, then every member will try to do his or her best to be appreciated. New ideas will be generated and will prove to be beneficial for the team.

The above are few benefits of appreciation within the framework of team building, that will contribute to team well being. They are not hard and fast rules but they will help move your team toward its goal of unity.

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