Team Building: Four Ways to Build Team Trust

Team Building: Four Ways to Build Team Trust

Managing a group of people who do not trust each other is a very challenging task. It could be said that a team in which the element of trust isn’t there should not be called a team. It has been proven that a team without the foundation of trust usually leads to bad results or even total disasters. Rather than working such teams are often engaged in battles, conflicts and personal clashes. So, here are some good team building ways to increase trust in your team.

1. Show them by example

If you really want to create good team building and bind your team together with trust then show them by your own example. Show your team that you trust them.  And keep up the good behavior with your colleagues and your boss.

2. Create personal understanding

If you want to improve your team building and create a strong foundation of trust get to know each of your team members personally and ask them to do the same with each other.  This will make them see each other as people rather than workmates. Also promote personal activities through which they can use their knowledge and interests the areas in which they can give their best. Also taking some time to share values can help in building trust among teammates.

3. Discourage extreme friendships within groups

Sometimes cliques form within your team mostly between people who have common interests. There may not be any issues with these groups doing their work properly and on time, but such groups can make other members feel isolated. Also, these groups can undermine the element of trust between other members.

To inspire better team building take some time and discuss this issue with all the team members.  Ask them their opinions about cliques.  Tell them how these close friendships can affect other members of the team.

4. Don’t blame a single person

In work situations disappointments and mistakes often take place. It is pretty easy to point out a single person and blame them. But what happens after that is that everyone easily points fingers at each other which creates a very unpleasant atmosphere. This eventually affects the productivity of your team members. So, if you are going for improved team building ask everyone to support each other when it comes to mistakes. Rather than blaming each other, discuss the issues with each other and find a solution together.