Corporate Videos Treasure Hunt Programs in Philadelphia

Cameras and street smarts combine as teams solve hilarious clues with cinematic style! An all new twist on the classic treasure hunt where the stars are your teams!

Corporate Anything Goes Treasure Hunt in NYC

Bring your sense of humor for outrageous team building fun! A wild photo-snapping free-for-all with the craziest, silliest treasure hunt clues ever assembled!

Team Building Innovation Treasure Hunt Programs in Washington

The year is 2011. Your company has embarked on a bold new initiative known as a Space Time Merger. Top executives from your company have just been contacted by another group of executives from your company…. but from the year 2061! (we call it a Time Fax!) Your mission? To learn how to use Innovation […]

Corporate Philadelphia Treasure Hunt Activities

This unique treasure hunt relies on team communication, collaboration and creativity while teams have fun discovering city’s highlights. Each team gets a set of clues, a Polaroid camera, and film. The clues contain a list of clues to solve, places to find, and items to scavenge. Plus — they must capture it all for posterity on film!