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Philly Hops, a Training and Development Company, Debuts New Culinary History Treasure Hunt.

Philadelphia-based Training and Development Company, Philly Hops, is unveiling a history-packed food-themed team building program that features exciting and intriguing culinary trivia blended with a fast paced historical walking tour. Crafted to satisfy event planners and company managers’ appetites for meaningful employee bonding activities, the ‘Food For Thought’ program combines the excitement of a treasure hunt, the allure of fun food history and a hearty dose of delicious local Philadelphia cuisine.

Philly Hops, owned and operated by Betty Robinson, maintains a growing catalog of innovative and trendsetting team-building programs. The company provides a creative mixture of training and entertainment through the use of specially designed activities, business simulations and team Initiatives.

Robinson combines her history as a professional chef, encompassing many years of contribution to Philadelphia’s finest restaurants, with her devotion to team building and aptitude for providing outstanding experiential group environments. With both Philly Hops and its national sister company Go team Building, Betty maintains an elevated standard of groundbreaking programs that push the envelope in strengthening group dynamics and creative thinking.

With Food For Thought, Philly Hops is getting back to its roots, recognizing a city rich in epicurean culture and steeped in history, while providing an action-packed day-out for corporate teams and any groups interested in the exploration of food, facts and frenetic fun.

More information at Owner Betty Robinson 215-426-5644

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