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Are you looking for corporate team building activities, events, or workshops that will:

  • Build trust
  • Open the lines of communication
  • Break through barriers of geography, unfamiliarity or a corporate merger?
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Team Training Activity

Team Training

Targeted Learning To Take Teams To The Next Level

* Workshops * Assessments * Customized Programs * Reasonable Training Prices

Team Development can be combined with any Team Building Program as a “Deluxe Package” or can be a Stand-Alone program.


Team Training Programs

Team Building

The Perfect Mix of Fun & Learning

* Fun team activities that improve your team process * Our Specialty: Team “Ah-Ha” moments! * Competitive Pricing

These highly interactive activities include trust-building Ice Breakers &Warm Ups, Classic Team Building Challenges, and debriefs customized to hit your goals and targeted learning points.


Interactive Programs

Interactive Events

Humor and Fun! Playing Together to Build Camaraderie

That’s Entertainment!

* Perfect for lighthearted team bonding and entertainment * Good for Social and Business Events


Culinary Challenges Programs

Culinary Connection

Philly Hops – The Leader in Food Themed Team Building Programs

Events for Every Taste! Build & Bond your team with our one-of-a-kind Foodie Team Building Events! Since 2000 we have been the leader in foodie-style team building. Take a look!

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Most Popular Programs

Fun, High Energy, Engaging – See What Everyone Is Talking About!

Our best sellers are time-tested with a track record of proven results. Everything from moviemaking team building to slot car racing, from culinary team activities, to games & challenges.
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Most Popular Programs

Why Philly Hops?

Launched in 1999, Philly Hops staff includes award winning game designers, degreed team building facilitators, professional Chefs and Comedians in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and around the country.

Together they create innovative multi-functional team activities. Whether one of our popular “Foodie” team building programs, action-packed Treasure Hunts and Mysteries or heart-felt Philanthropic Programs – Philly Hops creates business-oriented programs that bring smiles to faces and memories that matter!

Plan Your Ultimate Team Building Event Today

Use Our Results-Oriented Team Building Programs To

  • Improve your team process
  • Reward and celebrate team success
  • Build camaraderie and collaboration
  • Train staff in a fun, memorable way
  • Increase motivation, inspiration and energy!

How to Stay on Message With Your Team Building Event

An event theme that reflects the desired spirit and intention can help to embody the message. Don’t forget to inspire. Not being too banal or evident is important. For example, if you intend to create a new sense of inter-departmental cooperation within a group, a title like ‘Increased Cooperation Week’ may not be very successful.

A ‘Blockbuster Moviemaking Challenge’ might be way more intriguing and entice more emotional reaction among the participants. Think about obtaining team building games that really is related to your mission, that involve activities and dynamics relevant enough to the principles. A proper level of customization might be required in order to meet your requirements. You should be offered a wide range of flexible programs that respond to what you need if the team building company is professional. After you have found the right team building company that supports your message, and added the right ‘hype’ in order to promote it, you can now move on to work out a few details. Should this take place onsite or offsite? Outdoors or in? High energy? Tabletop exercise?

Take into consideration how each and every aspect of the program matches your intention and customize accordingly. A nice quantity of buildup can be included in the planning of any good team building event. Do whatever you can in order to produce early excitement about the event. Always keep your message focused. You can maybe think of a narrative of messages that gently build upon each other through small events at your place.. Organize yourself like this so that the final message delivered on the big day makes sense totally and is instilled with more meaning. During the event itself, make sure that your staff knows very well the message in progress, and that they support the message whenever they can.

Try to add key message points in the activities, the debriefs and the conclusions. Hopefully, you will have some natural follow up material going on after the final message is delivered. Try to develop the message in the following weeks using the deliverables from the event. Try to find new ways to keep your participants invested even after the event is ‘over’. This will ensure you obtain even more value from the event. But in reality, a one-time event is way less effective than a follow up of team building exercises. You can imagine setting up as a well crafted message the beginning of a story in which your participants are a part. The outcome will be even bigger with every new chapter.


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