Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities1. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce In the work place these days it’s very easy not to know everyone. Some might just be there to work on the short-term projects they are assigned, other for financial and security purposes, others are there for the work alone. How would you know that the person in the next desk is a detail oriented person, self starter or maybe a leader? Or perhaps he/she can’t work under pressure. Things like these can’t be seen by working near each other, focusing on your task or being friendly with your co workers. A team building activity can enable you and your co workers to get to know each others strengths and weaknesses by working together on a particular activity and then examining the team process of your group.

2. Breaking down boundaries between staff High walls and boundaries often exist around the work place. Some employees tend put themselves on above their co-workers while others are just simply followers. We cannot deny this happens. In a team building activity all members are equal and what everyone aims for is to reach a common goal by supporting each other and building strategies on how to reach for the goal.

3. Improving skills and communication through the construct of common goals Real team building activities are not just fun and games. They enhance and develops problem solving abilities, creativity, organizational skills and communication in order to attain one common goal. They also develop trust and confidence within team members and create an atmosphere of respect and rapport with workmates.

4. Both individual and group benefits can be relayed back to the office environment After the fun activity you experienced with the whole team, application is the next step when you go back to the office. The skills you have developed during the activity help you improve the work that you do together. After all experience is always the best teacher. And it’s always nice to work in a environment where everyone is at peace. Its also nice to get out of the office together. Especially when you can do so as a team, in order to participate in fun activities that will strengthen your bonds by building trust and improving communication; which is why so many companies choose to invest in corporate team building activities. Team building activities allow for an even greater exploration and improvement of the potential of everyone, by giving people more varied options for working together and a greater length of time in which to do so. From a program like chocolate therapy to a movie making program or a treasure hunt, corporate team building activities take many forms – the best of which are designed to improve company cohesion whilst providing an unforgettable experience that your employees will talk about for years to come.