Team Building ExercisesEffective team building exercises offer several distinct benefits in the workplace. They can be used to create a higher level of commitment, collaboration, competence and concentration among all the employees in an organization. But for this to happen, there must be some basic ingredients in place. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most important ingredients and conditions that can enhance team building exercises for work.

1. Clear Expectations For team building exercises to be successful, leadership needs to communicate its expectations very clearly to the team members. The teams expected performance must be well defined. Team members should understand why the team was created. And the organization’s leadership should demonstrate their sincerity by supporting the team through adequate provision of people, materials and finance.

2. Common Focus A well-defined mission and vision will enhance team building exercises. Every team should have a clearly defined area of responsibility. The leaders in each team should be able to communicate the goals, strategies, timelines, and the procedure for measuring success. After the leaders in the team have mapped out their strategies, the coordinating group provides adequate support so the team can maintain focus and achieve their objectives.

3. Commitment Team building exercises will be more effective when they are done with the commitment of all team members. Every team member must have a strong desire to participate with the team. They must feel that the team’s mission and vision are important. Everyone must believe that the expectations can be met. In addition, the team members should anticipate some form of reward or recognition for their contribution. They should also believe that their own careers will develop as they participate actively in team activities.

4. Competence A strong feeling that the team can perform its functions effectively is essential for the success of all team building exercises. Just like the performance of every athlete in a relay race influences the final outcome, the members of the team should have the skill, knowledge and capability to handle the tasks the team was created for. If the team does not have all the people it needs, can it get help when needed?

5. Communication When the members of the team participate in team building exercises, there should be well-established channels of communication and feedback. The leaders of the organization should ensure that important business information is provided regularly. The larger context in which the team is operating should be properly understood by all team members. All team members must communicate cordially, sincerely and clearly with each other. All the shades of opinion held by each team member should be well received, especially during brainstorming sessions. All conflicts of opinion should be handled without allowing them to escalate and hinder the progress of the team. Those are five vital ingredients that will enhance the outcome of team building exercises for work. If you have any questions or additional ideas about how to enhance team building activities, kindly leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thanks.