Imagine yourself – or your co-workers – as spies, each one working in their respective spy teams. They’ve got a mission to fulfill, other “spies” (the other teams) to outrun, and an object that they have to find and unearth before anyone else gets to it. Everyone is in Philadelphia, working against the clock. Whether it’s a devise, secret documents or corporate espionage that they’ve got to uncover, the experience – set against Philadelphia’s sights and sounds – is wild and fun! The terms “team building” and “experiential learning” have become virtual household terms as companies discover that team building activities are effective in building team spirit and fostering cooperation and harmony.

While in the past decades corporate team building activities leaned towards the lecture style, these days more and more companies, many of them among the Fortune Top 500, have discovered the value of experiential corporate team building. They have made them regular events in their employee programs. If you or your employees ever had any James Bond fantasies when you were children, this is certainly the time to make those fantasies come true. Through team building activities, real-life situations are created to enable your employees to experience dreams. These fantasies are in turn designed to enable you to achieve goals that are team-skill related.

Themed treasure hunts, complete with maps, strategy making and cryptic clues, are perfect team building activities for allowing your employees to discover and hone strategizing and problem solving skills. In addition, the endeavor of several heads working together to achieve a common goal while forming bonds and learning to cooperate is a learning activity for every participant. It can be as seemingly serious as you want – like a popular Philadelphia based Spy Treasure Hunt, or the other end of the spectrum – crazy and hilarious – as in a Philadelphia Anything Goes Photo Treasure Hunt. You choose the activity and let a team building professional customize it to your needs.

Philadelphia is the perfect location for treasure hunts and team building activities of all kinds. There are many unique sites for the teams to visit and exciting things to see. Have you ever watched the popular television show Amazing Race? Treasure Hunts are the Amazing Race, Corporate Style. So why not try a treasure hunt in Philadelphia, and allow everyone to discover the city’s many attractions while they unearth their hidden skills and form bonds with each other? They’ll appreciate the different venues and the chance to have fun while learning. You’ll appreciate the difference that a team building activity will make in their productivity.