Team Building Activity Washington DCCompanies in Washington, D.C. will be among the first to enjoy a twist on the always popular Anything Goes Treasure Hunt offered by Betty Robinson, team building expert and owner of Philly Hops Ltd. The business is expanding its new Video Treasure Hunt experience into Washington, a program that offers a twist on the ever-popular team building treasure hunt theme.

“A treasure hunt is always fun and the launch of our new video hunt elevates it to exciting,” said Robinson. “The clues are fun, the solutions are creative and video makes the action even more fast paced.”

The video treasure hunt technique is unique to Philly Hops and features a range of ever-changing clues to keep each quest new, fresh and exciting. Armed with a video camera, participants must solve clues using the creative talents of the group and document their solutions with a photo or 5-second video.

The team building activity begins with a high-energy 20-minute session of introductions, icebreakers and warm ups building up to the launch of the main event. Participants then receive their clues and video equipment, and are charged with the task of using their powers of creativity and collaboration to collect their solutions and documentation. The teams are given one hour to complete the event and are awarded a set number of points for each successfully completed clue.

The White House, Pentagon and presidential yacht are popular points of interest in Washington, but teams may also find new and unusual locations to accomplish earn points. The action based clues could include taking a video of their group tossing a salad in a Washington-style restaurant, doing a “secret handshake” with a “politician” or obtaining a photo of the entire team under an arch.

The group’s trek is entirely at the participants’ discretion. Teams can travel to any location that will best serve them to solve clues. Communication, problem solving and cooperation are key concepts for the exercise and there is no right or wrong solution. The creative opportunities for deciphering clues are endless.

At the end of the session, teams return to the starting point where their videos will be extracted, pooled and merged into an entertaining 30-minute presentation. Philly Hops works closely with clients to accommodate their individual needs and goals. An Anything Goes Video Treasure Hunt can be customized to meet a wide range of requirements and adapted for philanthropic organizations.

Visitors to the company’s website can obtain the free report, “9 Steps to Organizing a Successful Team Building Event”.

Expanding the Anything Goes Treasure Hunt to encompass the Washington area provides companies with an opportunity to experience the options available from one of the premiere team building organizations in the U.S. The firm offers a large variety of “foodie” based and problem-solving programs, all of which are specially developed to increase productivity and effectiveness within the workplace. Philly Hops programs provide the perfect recipe for success in the business arena.

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