Or are you both? Let’s start to take a look at these two concepts which are very different. But, they may both be within the role description or the heart and soul of the same person at the same time. Sound confusing? Well, let me put it another way. All managers could be leaders and all leaders could be managers…to some extent. The competency (knowledge and skill) areas overlap, and rightly so. How can you lead without an idea of budget and financial management? How can you manage a budget without an understanding of the strategic vision of an organization

In this turbulent world, many managers and leaders have a dual role; however, a clear understanding of which hat you are wearing at a time is important. Each hat that you wear lets you look at an issue or an opportunity or a challenge in a different way. All ways are relevant in today’s leadership and management environments. As leaders we have unique competencies (knowledge and skills). Here are a few and none of them are based on a position in an organization. Leadership is at all levels as long as it is within you.

 Visionary and entrepreneurial
 Focus on people and empower others to risk and change
 Champion new and innovative ideas /challenge sacred cows
 Spot the talent in others and let it blossom
 Be an instinctive mentor to others
 Fascination with creativity and daring- ask “why not?”
 Actively listen and embrace new ideas
 Committed to building relationships
 Inspire others to be extraordinary

Now let’s take a look at the managerial competencies that keep the identified leaders looking good and the place running. How many of these apply to you?

 Forecasting financial and operational needs with an eye on the bottom line
 Effectively analyzing trends, issues and statistics to keep organization stable
 Managing individual and team performance to organizational goals
 Taking a systems approach to visualizing the organization
 Monitoring cross functional teams and projects and organizational structures
 Developing tactical plans and critical pathways but do not “rock the boat”

Do you have a foot in both camps? Are you a leader and a manager or is your role distinct? If it is the former, it is as it should be. Leadership lies within each of us and just needs a way and the will to flourish. It can also be learned, just like managerial knowledge and skills.

Resource Box: Betty Robinson, one of Philadelphia’s the first female chefs was known for her creative, non-conventional style of cooking. These qualities define her current passion as founder and CEO of Philly Hops Team Building, an innovative team building company specializing in team building activities that build trust and promote high performance teamwork